Monday, 26 December 2016

What Makes Candid Wedding Photography So Special?

It is not an easy decision at all when it comes to decide the style of wedding photography you wish for you photo album. For quite a few brides, they assume they know precisely what they wish until they have a glance at their wedding photographer’s portfolio. Then they came to know there are actually many styles to pick from. For instance, journalistic photography, candid photography and the traditional ones.

Each wedding photography style is unique and they all have the ability to detain your special moment in an exceptional manner. Candid wedding photography is a photography style that detains your ‘Big Day’ in a real way. There’s hardly any posing and the candid photographer usually has the sharp eye for the very moments that others would ignore.

Candid wedding photography is no doubt one of the most amazing and lovable kinds of photography. These portraits aren’t, rather they happen at the instant the picture was captured. They generally reflect the specialty of the day, the gracefulness and also the sense of humor the couple boast.

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You might get images of the bride grinning, the groom groom enjoying a lovable moment with best of his buddy or a portrait of the flower girl & ring bearer reenacting the marriage ceremony. In fact, with a candid style you never have any idea what you’re going o get. You will not just get the sentimental moment but also the moments of fun & laughter.

Candid wedding photography in Bhubaneswar is rising in fame amongst brides & grooms because it’s an utterly beautiful way of detaining a wedding day. In fact, quite a few brides & grooms these days are looking a bit more than the typical style marriage photography because they wish their wedding images to be unique and special. And that’s precisely what you’d get with candid style photography. No two weddings are the same, so does the photographs.

Pre-Wedding n Wedding Photography in Bhubaneswar


If you’re after a unique wedding photography style, candid wedding photography is certainly your best bet. The style can’t be matched and I’d say there’s no other style that have the ability to neat candid photography.

To make your wedding merriment a huge success and be able to relish each moment of fun and love, candid wedding photography in Bhubaneswar is definitely the best choice for you. You’ll have long-lasting memories that you will definitely make you giggle even when you are in your 80s.

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Tuesday, 25 October 2016

5 Best Concepts To Choose For Pre-wedding Photography

Many couples and photographers come up with endless numbers of pre-wedding photography concepts in Bhubaneswar. Through there are plenty in number, it will be a bit confusing to choose one for yourself. No need to fret; as here are five best pre-wedding photography concepts discussed below to choose from:

The Traditional Concept:

First of all you should utilize the traditional concept. It’s a type of concept that let you delve into the root of your cultural heritage and display those cultural ingredients in your photos. This concept is appropriate for those who are planning to have a traditional wedding celebration. If you’re going with traditional concept, choose a venue with antique vibes of the culture you’ve chosen. For clothing, you can choose a traditional attire and try to be always simple and sweet.

Traditional Pre-Wedding Photography in Bhubaneswar

The Glamorous Concept:

Choosing glamorous concept means it’s time to go for designer dresses and grand location, especially the locations showcasing as much class as possible through beautiful pictures. Couples choosing this kind of photo shoot are the ones who love to enjoy elegance and sophistication.

When it comes to wardrobe during pre-wedding photography in Bhubaneswar, you will need to search for gorgeous dresses creating a style statement in the picture, either in royal red color or the color that looks best on you, the choice is yours. When deciding photography location, it can be perfect if you will schedule the session at the iconic landmark or somewhere with a spectacular landscape.

Through this pre-wedding photography concept, you can be able to showcase your beautiful location and your dress for the ultimate glamorous feel.

Glamorous Pre- Wedding photography in Bhubaneswar

The Casual Concept:

The casual concept is totally opposite concept of glamorous. Though glamorous concept includes fancy dresses and beautiful locations, the casual ones tone it down and go for a much modest approach. However, couples use a variety of themes for their casual photo shoots, some show their first date, some their hobbies or even what they did on their first date.

Depending upon the theme you choose, casual clothing is a much better choice for this pre-wedding photography concept. Besides, you can wear a simple dress with your man in a shirt and shorts or any other clothing that fits the occasion very well.

The Indigenous Concept:

The indigenous concept has become more people among couples in the past few decades. It’s nothing but taking candid pictures as you go about your daily activities. You can go with your man and just trust the photographer to take pictures. Just try to be natural, effortless and let the magic happen. Hence, you should be careful of hiring a  professional photographer as all photographers are not experienced in taking candid pictures.

The Thematic Concept:

A thematic pre-wedding photo shoot is fully based on a specific theme that you and you partner have chosen together. For instance, you can choose a theme that evokes a general ambiance like vintage, contemporary or something you like the most. When it comes to location and wardrobe, you can adjust everything that best suits the theme you’ve chosen.

Pre-wedding Photography in Bhubaneswar


If you are still not convinced about the following themes, schedule an appointment with a professional photographer for pre-wedding photography in Bhubaneswar at Creative Clicks and be sure of getting memorable photographs that will spice up your big day for sure!

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