Thursday, 31 May 2018

Candid or Traditional – Which Wedding Photography to Go For

If you have ever attended an Indian wedding you know how many people attend such congratulatory events. Indian weddings are a blend of both the old & the new. A lot of young couples these days love elements of contemporary methods of grabbing photos contrary to just sitting down for the conventional ones. However, this doesn’t entail that the traditional ways of taking wedding portraits is a thing of the past now. In any Indian wedding, where a rich & deep culture never falls short to put forth its influence within the very fabric of people’s day-to-day lives, anything that’s traditional is accepted without any hesitation.

Wedding Photographer Bhubaneswar

So, what’s the real difference between traditional and candid wedding photography?

Candid wedding photography in Bhubaneswar involves taking portraits of subjects that are simply not aware that their pictures are being captured. It certainly brings a sense of naturalness & practicality to the image composition. The candid wedding photographer in Bhubaneswar moves around the event and takes portraits of the events as they take place without any sort of preparation.

The best thing about candid photography is that it detains the moment as they occur. It’s a known fact that the photographer mayn’t be able to detain the core of his or her subject the same way as when he captures the portrait of the same subject without his or knowledge. By not having an idea that a picture is being framed, the subjects actually able to express real emotions without being aware of the fact that they’ve to pose a particular way to take good pictures.

Traditional photography at the same time encompasses a more formal approach to take pictures of the subject. Not like candid wedding photography where the professional photographer has to shoot that perfect moment to produce a delightful shot, conventional photography provides a more genuine way of showing the photographer’s subjects in their greatest moments.

Wedding Photography

One can have his or her makeup sorted out, ties straightened and stain removed from their teeth because of the opulent Indian banquet feast washed out before having their pictures captured. It’s the simple fact that the subject knows that they’re being photographed that offers them the chance to show their best features.

So which one is better?

In an India marriage where a deep & affluent culture isn’t just felt & seen but acknowledged, particular parts of the wedding event will benefit wonderfully with conventional photography whereas other more composed sections can do very well with candid poses. It’s the nuptials of both new and old completing each other as contrary to cancel one another out. When your Bhubaneswar photographer infuses both photography styles perfectly, the outcome is a marvelous depiction of an important & notable event in the couple’s lives.

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Saturday, 14 April 2018

Top Wedding Photography in Bhubaneswar

Your wedding can effortlessly be called the most significant day of your life. Bearing in mind its significance, it becomes essential for you to confine the beautiful moments of this extraordinary day so that you can experience this day again over and over in the years to come.

If the moments are captured flawlessly by the lenses, you will love flipping through the pages of your wedding album instead of closing the album in a hurry. Yes, that can be possible if you have your Wedding photography in Bhubaneswar done by us.

Wedding photography in Bhubaneswar

We can click them without being besieged by the company of so many guests and their chit-chat. Therefore, it becomes all the more important to hire us as the professional wedding photographer who can capture it all without missing anything.

Capturing the spectacular pictures of the gorgeous moments of your wedding day may not be as easy as it appears. But our service for Wedding photography in Bhubaneswar makes it look so easy and effortless. Small yet essential details that may have been missed by you because you are of course full of activity, thrilled and anxious on your big day can be easily clicked only by our professional photographers.

Wedding photography in Bhubaneswar

Our professional photographer can take care of other particulars as well such as poor lightings, gloomy weather conditions, and hence click pictures accordingly. It may be that if the important day is covered by amateur photographers then they will not be having the experience and expertise to handle such situation and the result will be heartbreaking for you.

Our expert photographers have the experience to understand the preferred effects, position, lighting in order to capture and commemorate the special moments of your life. They also have the ability and experience to recognize the emotions that can make your wedding photos more attractive.

Our expert wedding photographer has enough knowledge to make people feel comfortable. So, while you go about hiring a wedding photographer, you should not only consider clicking perfect pictures as the only criteria. You should select one like us who has the capability to make the subjects feel relaxed and comfortable while taking pictures.

Wedding photography in Bhubaneswar

You can expect to have the finest range of wedding photography and videographer service that keeps your lovable memory for years. Our every piece of work is state of the art and self-conclusive. The use of traditional as well as the photo-journalistic technique by us will help you to have time less pictures that no one can do without inborn talent. Combined with modern digital photographic methods, our photographers create Wedding photography in Bhubaneswar that doesn’t fade away with the ever-changing time.

If you have the wish of such a Wedding photography in Bhubaneswar then you need to be in contact with us at Creative Clicks. Our photographers will capture unlimited pictures, from which they will filter out the best ones, which will beautifully adorn in the wedding album. To be in contact with us you can call at +91 98619-24574.

Monday, 29 January 2018

Top Candid wedding photographer in Bhubaneswar strategies

There are certain moments in life which are such which need to be made precious. There are various such events like marriage, birthday, homecoming or any such nature of occasions. You may be thinking how to make such moments precious so that it can be cherished years to come later. The best way is to have the services of Candid wedding photographer in Bhubaneswar.

How to select the best photographer

If you search the net then there are many such photographic organizations which offer you such services. But definitely, you are not sure whether their services will be able to make your moments more precious. So, what is the way out to select the best photographer in Bhubaneswar? Let us have a look.

The photographers at the best photographic institute must not be just DSLR owners. They will be having talent and skill to make your moments precious. In other words, they must have the passion for creation. 

They must have the knowledge about traditional and photo-journalistic techniques to click the exact moments so that you can cherish those years later. 

Their nature will be such that they will stand out from the rest. They will be using modern techniques to click many photographs and cinematic scenes from which they will select the best for offering you. 

The best photographic organizations will be using the best pieces of equipment so that they can actually capture the lively scent of your events.

Expectations that you can have

As you choose the best Candid wedding photographer in Bhubaneswar it is prudent to know what nature of services you can expect from them. 

Pre wedding Photo shoot: This is a unique package that you can expect to have from the best photographic organizations. It is beneficial for both, the photographer and you. Talking about your advantages you can have a glimpse of how a professional photographer works and have the opportunity to have some closeness with your better half before marriage. The photographer, on the other hand, will be having a chance to know your personality so that they can design their wedding day shoot likewise. In other words, it creates a sense of bond and confidence between you and the photographer. 

Wedding Photo Shoot: During your wedding day they will be at your place with all their modern pieces of equipment to shoot the precious moments which are going to unfold. They visit the marriage venue so that they know exactly where the ceremony is going to take place and arrange their pieces of equipment in a proper manner to have a perfect capture.

Creative Clicks is one such nature of photographic organization which you can rely upon to have flawless works to make the moments precious which can be cherished years from now. They are a one-stop photographic solution provider offering services at an affordable rate and are stationed at Bhubaneswar. 

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Thursday, 26 October 2017

Candid Wedding Photography in Bhubaneswar

Do you want to capture the warm and precious memories of your wedding day? To achieve a candid wedding photography in Bhubaneswar, you should rely on an experienced professional. By hiring a wedding photography service in Bhubaneswar, you will get the assistance of a talented and highly skilled photographer who can efficiently capture your special moments and treasure those for a lifetime. A professional wedding photographer in Bhubaneswar who has spontaneity, empathy, style and technical expertise can deliver a high-quality service to create some stunning images. 

Wedding photographer in Bhubaneswar:

Compared to relying on a friend or a relative for getting those priceless candid wedding photos, it is important to choose an experienced photographer proves to worth. If you are expecting quality images from hours and hours of celebration then it is wise to hire a talented and professionally skilled wedding photographer. 

Here are some important things that make you aware of how hiring a professional photographer in Bhubaneswar helps you achieve a candid wedding photography, please have a look! 

An experienced photographer is aware of setting up everything right to capture the best wedding shots. Whether it is to manage the lighting or maneuvering around the guests to capture the shots that you would love to see and like. With an expert and talented wedding photographer in Bhubaneswar, you can be confident of getting stunning and high-quality images. 


Do you know having a friendly and well-mannered photographer by your side on the wedding day will make things more pleasant? Having someone who knows how to speak to your guests and wedding party can make your wedding photography an enjoyable and smoother experience. This will gives complete peace of mind and leaves you stress-free. 


It is important to hire a highly professional wedding photographer who can successfully deliver the high-quality images as per your requirement and budget. A professional photographer always strives to take the appropriate steps for providing exceptional results that will exceed your expectations and help you enjoy a wonderful experience of candid wedding photography in Bhubaneswar.  

4.High-Quality Work:

Quality work is the best thing that you can enjoy by hiring a professional wedding photographer. A professional wedding photographer will ensure of capturing the best shots among the hustle and bustle in a convenient way to create high-quality images that you will cherish for a lifetime. 

It is always recommended to hire an experienced and professional wedding photographer not a hobbyist for your wedding in Bhubaneswar. If you want to enjoy a candid wedding photography in Bhubaneswar, then rely on Creative Clicks. We are a team of innovative minds that includes highly skilled movie makers, image designers, creative imaging directors and wedding photographers in Bhubaneswar who are committed to delivering the superior quality service. With us, you will enjoy a sweetest and candid wedding photography experience.

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Monday, 28 August 2017

Wedding photographer in Bhubaneswar

Photography is something unique by its nature, you cannot hear, smell, taste or even sees at first but yet very powerful. You also don't know what you're really getting until after getting the true picture. Photography involves careful research and selectiveness regarding professional skills, artistic styles. Personal performance is extra important when choosing your photographer. Wedding photographer in Bhubaneswar have been serving beyond the level of client’s satisfaction and getting popular with its fascinating and affordable photography solutions.

Settle on a Style-

You may first decide the style of photography you prefer and that may help you to decide which class of photographer you want to shoot your wedding. Before you start researching about photographers, you may need to know the type of photography like Documentary photography, classic Portraiture photography, Fine art and Edgy or Bold photography for a wedding day ceremony.

Homework must be done-

While choosing a Wedding photographer, you can start your search by carefully reviewing potential photographer’s websites and observing from local listings of professional photographers. You also check out their photos of other wedding s they have shot to get a brief idea about photographers proficiency, personality and sensibility. You can also check the client’s feedback and photographers responds while selecting a perfect photographer for your occasion.

Check Full Wedding Albums-

It is advisable not to base your decision solely on what you see in sample album or galleries of photographers. They may highlight best pictures from various weddings they shot as to show their best portfolio to make you their prospect client. You can ask them for few more photographed Wedding albums and gallery of marriage ceremony they have shot in similar settings to yours to find an improved idea of your photo collection.

Confirm the perfect photo shooter-

Photo Studios have more than one photography professional’s employees. Each and every professional has a different style, technique and preference to catch a picture. You must be sure that the person you select must be the same person to shoot your event. You must make it clear whether there are two photographers or a single one and make the arrangement accordingly. If you have a larger wedding event you may need a team of photographer to capture the event from all angles.

Find the package cost-

Before finalizing a photographer and its packages you must clarify certain questions that may come to your mind as below:

  • Ask for a general range based on the photographer's standard.
  • Important to find out what's included in the standard package.
  • Find out exactly how many hours of coverage are included.
  • Whether photographer cover your full wedding day.
  • Whether available from getting ready until after you make your grand exit from the reception.
  • Whether your photographer shoot other events during your wedding weekend.
  • Whether they charge any extra cost.

Time of delivery-

Job of a photographer consisting  of  enormous raw files, correcting, uploading, processing and editing all those photos in order to mix the color levels and so on that are  far bigger than your typical JPG photos. It may take up to six to eight weeks for making a wedding album gallery.

After fulfilling all the questionnaires the photographer make the final album gallery of your marriage.

Pre delivery questions-

  • How many images should you expect in your gallery
  • Will the images are of high resolution or low resolution
  • Does the photographer retain the rights to the images
  • ask about retouching options , special effects, white balancing to beauty retouching and stylized art effects

At Creative Clicks we with our most experienced professional staffs committed in keeping your wedding event memorable forever. We are the best wedding photographer in Bhubaneswar with years of experience in Wedding photography. Our experienced and professionals team of wedding and event photographers had been capturing the joy of wedding and other life events. Our past clients had been extremely satisfied with the beauty and artistry of our professional work. The quality of our work are being displayed our catalogue of photographs. You can rest assured that the amazing quality of our work will reflect the high caliber of excellence you will receive with photography performed by us. For keeping your wedding day memorable, contact us today on our No-<+91 98619 24574>.

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Thursday, 16 March 2017

Four Most Common Wedding Photography Mistakes People Make?

It is your “big day” and you wish the photos to be exceptional. However, a few basic errors can stand in the way of your desire for getting the best possible wedding photo shoot. Planning a wedding is associated to a great deal of hard work & even a little chaos. Still, you need to devote some time to plan your wedding photography. In fact, that is the best way to ignore a few familiar mistakes.

Hiring an inexperienced photographer:

Give yourself adequate time to check out the work of the wedding photographer in Bhubaneswar that you are keen to work with. A professional photographer must have adequate experience to deal with the wedding photo session no matter whatever the circumstances are.


To save some money many brides commit the error of picking a wedding photographer that has too little experience to work with. However, if you want to decrease the risk of disappointment concerning to your wedding photography, I must say you invest on a professional photographer.

Falling short to pass on your wedding style & theme:

Whether you're interested in a reportage wedding photography or wish to acquire a black & white wedding album, ensure that you’ve passed on these concepts to your photographer.

Talk to your photographer regarding all the photo shoot details. The photographer can’t guess what you are looking for unless you are highly specific in terms of your needs.

Checking out the portfolio of a photographer will aid you to comprehend whether he possess the skill to meet your specific wedding style. Reportage wedding photography is quite different in comparison with abstract wedding shoots. A photographer that performs one of the varieties exceptionally may do a horrible job in another style. Therefore, always try to know the specialization of your photographer.

Hurrying through the shots:

No doubt, during your wedding day you wish to get as many pictures as possible. And this could be a reason for hurrying through the shoot & jumping from one session to another. The outcome will be lackluster if you don’t devote adequate time to make the images happen.

This is where a professional photographer will come to play by making you comfortable throughout the shoot. Cooperating your photographer will certainly give you the images that you are dreaming for.

Poor communication with your photographer:

The majority of wedding photography mistakes develop from poor communication. Pick a photographer that you can talk to easily and that comprehend all of your ideas. Spend more time with your photographer, so that you can pass on your ideas and receive his as well. The more you communicate, the better your wedding pictures will be.

Consult a professional wedding photographer in Bhubaneswar at Creative Clicks. We will make your wedding photography the sweetest experience that you’d like to cherish for the rest of your life. Get in touch with us at +91 98619-24574.

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Friday, 27 January 2017

Wedding Photographer In Bhubaneswar

Choosing the right person to photograph your wedding needs some research as it’s not the time to close your eyes and point to a name. After all, you’ll spend enough time with her than anyone else on your wedding. Before hiring any wedding photography service in Bhubaneswar, consider the following facts:

1. Style Matters a Lot –

Prior to meeting any wedding photographer in person, head straight to the web. If you don’t like someone’s website, just move one. Once you choose a pro whose aesthetic syncs with your choice, ask to see a wedding he/she shot earlier from start to finish. However, it’s the perfect way to gauge someone’s work. 


2. Experience –

The wedding photographer you’re hiring has shot a wedding like yours? If his/her portfolio features only sunny celebrations, for instance, she may not be a good fit for your wedding in January. 

3. A Test Run Is Key –

It’s highly recommended to consider a pre-wedding shoot in Bhubaneswar. However, it’s a wonderful opportunity to work out any idea; which can be helpful when your pro will watch you dress on the big day. 

4. It’s All About Timing –

You’ll also want to know when you can expect to receive everything from prints (Average waiting time is three months) to your album (Up to a year). Though some photographers limit the number of years they keep photos, check whether they can offer a CD of all the images.

5. Latest Trends Worth Considering –


Photographic trends come and go; but these two have been staying in power for a long like editorial style shoots and old school film. When talking about editorial style wedding photography in Bhubaneswar, remember that the photographic style needs a photographer to capture portraits and candids as well as styled still life shots with a perfect short of good lighting and clean backdrops. As a result, you will get magazine worthy shots for sure.

When thinking to go with old school films, keep in mind that you’ll get unparalleled style photographs. The photograph colors will be softs and the negatives can be scanned so that you can share them online. Moreover the extra work can eventually make the film a bit expensive than digital and here turnaround time is longer. 


looking for a professional yet reliable photographer in Bhubaneswar? Consider booking wedding photography in Bhubaneswar with Creative Clicks and be sure to create wonderful experience to cherish forever.

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